Dr. Tolzmann is the most incredible doctor! I unfortunately have had to see many doctors throughout my life concerning many health issues including cancer. Most of the doctors that I saw were content treating my symptoms, never trying to find the real cause. Dr. Tolzmann has a true passion and gift as a doctor and treated me in a way that I never have experienced from any doctor. She honestly cares about your overall health and works relentlessly to find the source of the problem. Dr. Tolzmann spends whatever time is necessary during your appointment never making you feel rushed or treated like just another number. Her compassion and true gift in treating your overall health is amazing! I am now three years cancer free and I believe it is from having the best medical care possible which I have found in Dr. Tolzmann!

I have referred several friends and family members to Dr. Tolzmann and they all say the same thing, “What an incredible Doctor!”

Thank you Dr. Tolzmann for my health!

Hi, I highly recommend Dr Louise Tolzmann as a Naturopathic doctor. In my professional life I am a training captain for one of the municipal fire departments in the local area. Dr. Tolzmann has volunteered her time and expertise in helping the fire department to develop a Cancer Prevention Program for Firefighters. Dr Tolzmann has expertise in environmental medicine and was the perfect choice to assist the firefighters in understanding how toxins can make you sick and what to do about it.

Dr. Louise Tolzmann is a wise women who not only is helping me get balanced but has offered me an immense amount of support. She takes time, she listens and she truly cares. She has a wide diversity of experience so she is able to see the whole picture. I don’t really have the words to express how much I appreciate Dr. Louise, I would have to do an interpretive dance… :)

Dr. Louise Tolzmann has been incredibly helpful in helping me to “connect the dots” with my health. I’m dealing with issues of menopause and I’ve gotten fed up with trying to get answers from my allopathic doctors. Dr. Tolzmann knew exactly what tests to order and what combination of medicines would help. She’s done the same for my gut function. I feel for the first time I’m on the right track with my health. She listens, she asks the right questions and she knows what she’s talking about.

Dr. Tolzman has been an amazing team member and guide on my journey with ovarian cancer. Since starting allopathic treatment (6 rounds of chemotherapy), she has been there providing complementary care and emotional support. Her understanding of her role and field – as well as the shortcomings of allopathic care in this arena have been invaluable. Louise is a very smart, empathic and focused care-giver.

Dr. Tolzmann was great, she took the time to learn my history and asked intelligent questions. She was very caring in her approach and asked a lot of questions about my health history. She looked over my lab work and had excellent suggestions to help with my current issues. I’m thankful to have found such a great advocate for my healthcare needs.

The perfect naturopath for the cancer patient who wants science behind their treatment, and who wants to take advantage of all options for fighting back against their disease, and of staying strong and healthy through rigorous cancer treatments. She is wonderfully personable and kind and works very hard to have the most current options and treatments to discuss with you. You will be very happy to be in her care.

Dr. Louise Tolzmann is a lifesaver. My cancer doctors treated my cancer and left me wrecked. Dr. Tolzmann really listened to my symptoms and came up with a plan to help. She is truly wonderful. For anyone who is looking for a health care professional who cares deeply, listens intently and creates solutions, you must go see Dr. Tolzmann. I cannot recommend her more highly.

From the first moment I met with Dr. Tolzmann, she has been caring and concerned. She is a great listener, and allows enough time to really get to know you and your story, health and otherwise. I always have her full attention, and never feel judged. I have hope for the first time in many years that my symptoms are telling a story that someone can help me decode. I am so happy and excited to be working with her and her outstanding staff (Jess, you are awesome!). I highly recommend her!